Appellate Litigator
Myron Moskovitz - Appellate Litigator

While representing appellants, Myron Moskovitz has won over 80% of his published appellate cases — a cut above the average 20% reversal rate for civil appeals. Learn more about his career in appeals:

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Appellate Consultant
Myron Moskovitz - Appellate Consultant

When other attorneys look for help with an appeal cases, they turn to Myron Moskovitz. He has helped hundreds of lawyers analyze their cases, write briefs, and prepare for oral argument.

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Appellate Teacher
Myron Moskovitz - Appellate Teacher

Myron Moskovitz has taught lawyers throughout California how to strategize their writing to persuade judges. His book, Winning An Appeal, is a resource used by lawyers all over the country.

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Myron Moskovitz

Myron Moskovitz employs his extensive appellate experience in three roles.

Appellate Litigator

Myron Moskovitz has represented parties in civil appeals for decades.  When representing appellants, he wins over 70% of his appeals (while other attorneys win less than 20% of their appeals).   Judges and lawyers hold Myron’s talents as a litigator in high regard.

Appellate Consultant

As consultant, Myron helps in two ways.

First, Myron can help review the strengths of your case and determine if an appeal would be worthwhile.

Second, Myron can help attorneys win their appeals.  Attorneys handling appeals consult Myron on all aspects of brief-writing and oral argument. Myron can help lawyers find the heart of an appeal: the approach that is most likely to convince the appellate justices. He can also review drafts of briefs and help revise them to make them more clear and persuasive. And he can set up “moot courts”, where lawyers have a chance to practice their oral arguments and hear suggestions for improvement.

To discuss your case with Myron Moskovitz, call 510-384-0354 or use the contact form to the right.

Appellate Teacher

Myron Moskovitz has extensive experience teaching lawyers throughout California how to write convincing briefs. He has taught lawyers in CEB programs and at local bar associations.  As the author of Winning an Appeal(currently in the fourth edition and used by lawyers and law students throughout the country), he has a lot of perspective to share.

Myron’s approach is different. Rather than discussing “the law” and how to follow the rules, he focuses on the one thing clients care about: winning. His courses are lively and engaging. Lawyers who have attended Myron’s classes have found them very valuable. Read what they have to say.

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